New Balance 1063 Running Shoes Review

New Balance 1063
Full Name: New Balance 1063
Category: Cushioning
Weight: 12.1 oz. (343 gr.)
Suggested Price: 125 $
Recommended For: Neutral Pronators to Mild Under Pronators (Supinators)
  • New Balance 1063 General Info:

The 1063 (MR for the Mens Running, WR for the Womens Running) is New Balance top shoe for cushioning, in its 2009 version. Runners worldwide expressed very positive feedback about this shoe and Runner’s World awarded it with the “Best Update” badge. Let’s see what makes this shoe so appreciated.

  • New Balance 1063 Sole Unit:

Let’s start with the cushioning solutions provided by the 1063. New Balance cushionign technologies are called Abzorb (then declined in every sort of acronym: DTS, SBS, FL…) and in the 1063 there’s plenty of these solutions.
The heel has an external crash pad, which is the area of maximum impact with the ground. New Balance placed their Abzorb DTS system there, which is the visible (dark blue in the picture) plastic pods inserts between the outsole and the midsole. These pods are designed to distribute the shock throughout the whole surface of the crash pad. Our impression is that the offered cushioning is a bit stiffer than other systems, but still providing a good absorption of the shock.
Abzorb FL is the name of the foam used for the midsole which has a good feeling of compressing and releasing upon impact, to cushion the ride without disperding your energy on the ground.
On the forefoot we have the SBS system which is again very similar to the one implemented on the heel crash pad: pods of a plastic material inserted in between the flex grooves. Our impression on this system is very positive and the toe-off of the running gait feels cushioned and responsive.
We are glad to see a plastic shank on the midfoot (a shank is a plastic “cage” placed right below the midsole in order to add torsional stability to your foot during the heel-to-toe transition). The shank is not on par with the ones found in the Asics Gel Cumulus or Nimbus, but it is one of the best in the cushioning range.
Last, we really liked the design of the outsole especially in the toe area, where the flex grooves (the carves in the outsole) seem to do a good job at adding the flexibility and responsiveness at toe lift off.

  • New Balance 1063 Upper:

The upper of the 1063 is where New Balance made the biggest improve.
The first and most noticeable is the use of the new Performance last (the last is the shape around which the shoes upper is built: a wide last will provide a wide fit for the foot and so on). Runners previously complained New Balance shoes to be too wide; NB took the challenge on and modified their last and achieved an unbelievable result, with a shoe which feels now more wrapped around the foot and definitely more comfortable after some mileage is adding up.
Comfort solutions in the upper are quite a few. Just to mention the N-Lock system, where the “N” of the logo on the lateral and medial side of the shoe is formed by two webbing element that connect the eyerings to the midsole, providing a secure support of the foot.
The mesh used is very open and feels breathable. 3M reflective elements are added in strategic positions so to provide night safety.
Heel collar is in two differently dense foams so to provide a good fit without being too hard on the heel. The laces have a special design that truly helps them stay laced – it is a little thing, but having to stop and re-do your laces a couple of times during a run can be frustrating.
NB used their Phantom Liner design for the inside of the shoe. That means a seamless construction in the areas of maximum wear. It is a solution that more and more brands are implementing and we believe it really is a great way to prevent blisters and providing a more comfortable ride – especially at great lenghts.

  • New Balance 1063 Opinion:

New Balance did a terrific job in upgrading the 1062 and bringing the 1063. Good cushioning and a great feeling of comfort make this shoe definitely worth buying. Price tag of 125$ is appropriate for all the solutions offered.
We recommend this shoe to a neutral pronator or supinator that wants the maximum comfort during long runs.

  • New Balance 1063 Price Comparison:


Let us know what you think of this shoe in the comments!

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