Nike Air Pegasus + 25 Running Shoes Review

Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

Nike Air Pegasus+ 25

Full Name: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus+ 25
Category: Cushioning
Weight: 11.8 oz. (335 gr.)
Suggested Price: 90 $
Recommended For: Neutral Pronators to Mild Supinators (Under Pronators)
  • Nike Air Pegasus + 25 General Info:

The number 25 next to the Pegasus’ name lets us understand we are facing Nike’s longest-selling running shoe, a franchise that started in 1983. Strictly a cushioning shoe aimed at both neutral pronators and supinators, the Pegasus is available in Mens and Womens, adopting different technology and construction elements in order to achieve the best possible fit. Let’s see them in detail.

  • Nike Air Pegasus + 25 Sole Unit:

The Pegasus’ midsole is very straightforward: no plastic shanks or visible inserts. The cushioning is left to the full-lenght Nike Air cushioning pad. This, and a special attention during the shoe’s design and development, allowed the shoe to be even lighter than the previous versions.
Examining the sole unit further, we notice the Nike+ spot where you can insert the sensor which will then talk to your iPod, giving you info about mileage run, speed… all downloadable on your computer and shareable with friends/competitors..
The outsole features a waffle pattern on the toe area to increase the traction and the heel is split in two parts to allow a more natural weight distribution and shock absorption during the impact on the ground.

  • Nike Air Pegasus + 25 Upper:

The upper of the Nike Air Pegasus 25 is made of a very open and breathable mesh, that contributes to that feeling of lightweight that is common in the feedbacks of many runners who ride in these shoes.
The Pegasus uses two new different lasts: one for men and one for women. Usually women running shoes are built on the same shape of the mens’ version – but womens biomechanics are quite different from mens. Both lasts have been narrowed on the toe to provide a snug fit. Not all runners have been pleased by this.

  • Nike Air Pegasus + 25 Opinion:

Once again the Pegasus stands as the reference Nike cushioning shoe, at a very interesting price. It is a great shoe for a Neutral Pronator (even a heavy one) or a mild Supinator: comfortable, lightweight and breathable – but it is perceived as a bit too stiff from people who actually need lots of cushioning.
We recommend that severe under pronators (supinators) move their choice towards more cushioned shoes, as Nike’s own Nike Vomero+ 4 or Asics’ Gel Nimbus.

2010 UPDATE! You can find our Nike Pegasus+ 27 review here!

  • Nike Air Pegasus + 25 Price Comparison:


Let us know what you think of this shoe in the comments!

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