Nike Zoom Equalon + 3 Running Shoes Review

Nike Zoom Equalon 3 +

Nike Zoom Equalon 3 +

Full Name: Nike Zoom Equalon + 3
Category: Stability
Weight: 12.7 oz (360 gr.)
Suggested Price: 130 $
Reccomended For: Neutral Pronator to Mild Over Pronator
  • Nike Zoom Equalon + 3 General Info:

The Equalon is Nike’s top of the line shoe for Stability. Details of the shoe construction are meant to add to the support this shoe gives, aimed at Neutral Pronators who look for support especially for long runs or Mild Over Pronators, who slightly roll their foot inwards while running.

  • Nike Zoom Equalon + 3 Sole Unit:

The sole unit of the Nike Zoom Equalon+ 3 includes the two main component of a stability shoe: a medial post and a plastic shank, and both are implemented very well.

The medial post (an injection of a harder foam compound than the rest of the midsole foam, which you can recognize by the darker colour) is actually two distinct posts, one right under the arch and one under the heel. The purpose of the post is to stop those areas of the foot from collapsing too much during the impact on the ground, while leaving the rest of the sole free to cushion, either with the normal shock absorption capacity of the EVA foam and with the added cushioning of the Nike Air Zoom inserts.

The shank, whose purpose is to add rigidity to the midsole under the arch, so that your heel and toes don’t rotate in opposite directions, also is a very interesting solution in this shoe: it is asymmetrical and runs across the medial post all the way down to the heel, providing a guided stride during the heel to toe transition.

The outsole features Nike’s BRS 1000 rubber compound, a rubber mix which adds traction while also increasing the shoes’ durability. The pattern is deeply carved and the feeling of traction on any surface is really good.

Visible on the outsole is the Nike+ slot, where you can insert your Nike+ sensor to communicate your ride data to your iPod.

  • Nike Zoom Equalon + 3 Upper:

The Equalon’s upper is in our opinion one of the best in the stability category. At first sight, the synthetic leather overlays over the mesh are not too many, but they are placed in a strategic way that offers a very good degree of support without having the feeling of being too stiff or unbreathable.
There is a molded heel counter which runs only on the inside of the heel and a plastic support cage on the medial side. Both these elements give a good control over the inwards rolling of pronators’ feet.

Mens and Womens model are built around a different, gender-specific last (the shape around which the upper is modeled) which is very important in the case of a stability shoe. The new last is wider than the one used in the previous Equalon, especially on the toe area. Feedback about this is very subjective, as different runners felt differently about this new fit of the Equalon.

  • Nike Zoom Equalon + 3 Opinion:

The Equalon is a robust, well designed and executed stability shoe. It is recommended for heavy runners which are neutral to mild over pronators. This shoe is softer than the Structure Triax so, if you run in a Triax and you like the comfort, fit and support but would like more cushioning – typically because you are a heavy runner, you should definitely give the Equalon a go.
The womens version is particularly strong.

  • Nike Zoom Equalon + 3 Price Comparison:


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