Nike Zoom Structure Triax + 12 Running Shoes Review

Nike Zoom Structure Triax 12

Nike Zoom Structure Triax 12

Full Name: Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 12
Category: Stability
Weight: 12 oz. (343 gr.)
Suggested Price: 100$
Recommended For: Neutral to Mild Over Pronator who wants a supported ride
  • Nike Zoom Structure Triax + 12 General Info:

If Pegasus is Nike’s trademark for cushioning, the Structure Triax is their trademark for stability running shoes, here in its 12th edition. As many other running Nikes, it comes in two different gender-specific versions. Let’s see what they have in common and where they differ.

  • Nike Zoom Structure Triax + 12 Sole Unit:

In the sole unit we find all the elements we expect to find in a stability shoe and in particular the medial post and the shank.
The midsole post is the injection of harder foam (recognizable by the darker grey colour) right underneath the foot arch. The reason why the post is so important is that the harder foam, just in the place where you need it, supports your arch from collapsing too much during the strike on the ground if you tend to overpronate. The dual density post in the Structure Triax 12 is very interesting in the fact that it is not a solid block of a harder foam, but it is “broken” by inserts of normal density foam in order to allow flexibility. The second great news here is that these inserts are different in the mens and womens version of the shoe, the latter being engineered to give extra flexibility – as womens body mass is generally lower than mens: womens don’t put so much pressure on the shoes’ midsole and need an extra help in order to properly flex the midsole during the running gait.

The midsole post is completed and aided by the addition of a midfoot plastic shank, that Nike calls Footbridge. As we’ve seen in many other shoes, the Footbridge is a key component in the stability of a shoe as it “keeps your gait together”, preventing you from hitting the ground with your heel and then transitioning to your toes at two very different (and dangerous) angles. The shank of the Structure Triax is asymmetrical and is not the most robust of the category – but it performs a fine job and it adapts to the shoe’s philosophy of being supportive but flexible.

Sole units’ technology are completed by Nike Zoom Air (Nike world famous cushioning technology, the Zoom version offers the same shock absorption capabilities of the Air and Air Max but in a much thinner unit) in the heel and forefoot together with a decoupled crash pad on the heel. The purpose of the crash pad is to give the maximum support on the area of maximum impact when the heel lands on the floor and then propagating the force to the rest of the heel where the Zoom Air unit provides the appropriate cushioning.

  • Nike Zoom Structure Triax + 12 Upper:

First note about the upper is that the mens and womens versions are built around gender-specific lasts, which is great news for womens, as their feet are very different from mens and in 90% of the cases they have to wear what really is a mens shoe in a smaller size and lighter colours.
The upper of the Structure Triax uses a very lightweight sandwich mesh and very few synthetic leather overlays. While overlays contribute to the stability of a shoe (it is pointless to have a good midsole to support your arch, while the upper lets it free to collapse), they often make stability shoes uppers a little too stiff – mining the comfort of the ride.
Nike has been very effective in achieving a good level of support while leaving the foot relatively free to move and breathe.

  • Nike Zoom Structure Triax + 12 Opinion:

Our feeling about the Structure Triax 12 is very positive. It is not an extremely supportive shoe for serious over pronators and low-arched runners. But neutral runners who tend to overpronate (especially womens!) or mild over pronators will find a shoe that gives the right amount of support while achieving an incredible comfort in a breathable, flexible and lightweight shoe.
For a suggested retail price of 100$, this shoe packs very good value for the money.

The Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 12 comes in a Trail version as well.

UPDATE 2010: You can find our Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 13 review here !

  • Nike Zoom Structure Triax + 12 Price Comparison:


Let us know what you think of this shoe in the comments!

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