Nike LunarGlide vs LunarElite vs LunarRacer vs LunarSwift

Nike Lunar

You read about them, you saw lots of runners wearing them at the park, you watched the video.

You wanted to try a pair for yourself. So you went online or you visited your local running store and found out there’s more than one Lunar Nike shoe out there.

In 2010 Nike released four different lunar running shoes into the wild: the LunarGlide+, the LunarElite+, the LunarRacer+ and the LunarSwift+. What are the differences between these four and which one should you chose? To help you chose which Lunar shoes you want to run in, we compare them in the table below, ordered by the amount of support offered (highest to lowest).

Nike LunarGlide+
It is the most supportive of the Lunar family. First shoe to introduce the Dynamic Support which consists of a softer foam contained into a harder shell. In addition, there is a TPU (plastic) reinforcement on the medial side of the midsole, to give even extra support. The use of FlyWire on the upper ensures a tight wrap of the foot.
Best for:
Neutral to mild over-pronating runners in search of a very lightweight run. At 10.7 oz, the Lunarglide is lighter than most light support shoes.
Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Review
Nike LunarElite
The LunarElite replaces the Air Zoom Elite. Thought as a lightweight racer/tempo trainer, it offers less support than the LunarGlide: the Elite still uses the Dynamic Support system but eliminates the TPU insert. Its midsole is also lower than the Glide. FlyWire on the upper and seamless construction complete the features of this very light shoe, sitting at only 9.7 oz.
Best for:
Runners in search of a lightweight shoe with a very comfortable upper, a springy heel cushioning and some mild support for over-pronation.
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Nike LunarSwift
The LunarSwift is a takedown of the LunarElite. This means that it has the same design/engineering DNA but at a more affordable pricepoint. There is no FlyWire and the shoe weights slightly more at 10.2 oz.
Best for:
Runners looking for a moderate supportive lightweight tempo/racer shoe at an affordable price point.
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Nike LunarRacer
Lunar Racer+ 2
At only 6.7 oz. the Lunar Racer 2 is the evolution of the Lunarlite Racer, the best selling marathon racing shoe for 2009. Runners are amazed by the amount of springy cushioning in sucha lightweight package. Support offered, though, is very very limited so not the ideal shoe for everyday training, especially for over-pronators.
Best for:
An extremely lightweight racing shoe, for neutral to under-pronating runners.
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