Updated: September 15th, 2012
Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Running Shoes Review
Nike Lunarglide 3

Nike Lunarglide 3

Full Name: Nike LunarGlide+ 3
Category: Stability
Weight: 11 oz. (310 gr.)
Suggested Price: 100$
Recommended For: Mild-overpronators who are looking for good cushioning while not sacrificing support or for neutral runners who want an extra bit of support

UPDATE: We reviewed the new Nike Lunarglide 4.

  • Nike LunarGlide+ 3 General Info:

The Nike LunarGlide is back for 2011 and now with a completely updated sole unit and upper.
I’ve been a long time user of the original LunarGlide because it was a kind of the Jack of All trades for running shoes. I was surprised at how light and comfortable it felt that I ended up using it not just for running but also wore it casually every now and then. Fast forward to 2011 where Nike announced the LunarGlide+ 3, and this time I felt there are enough changes from the original to justify a new purchase. Right out of the box the new LunarGlide’s look slightly slimmer than the original and the impression at first wear is that it ‘fits like a glove’ or in this case a sock with lots of cushioning without really constricting your feet in an uneasy manner especially on the toe area, where I felt the original LG’s were a bit too roomy.

  • Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Sole Unit:

What I like most about the LunarGlide is that it provides both support and cushioning without compromising one or the other. The new version does it better because of the evolution of the Dynamic Support System: the midsole is designed like a wedge that provides more cushioning for over-pronators on heel impact and slowly rolls them back into normal position.
What this means is a more comfortable run whether you’re the type that lands on your heel or mid-foot, and I’m very happy with how bouncy this shoe feels even when running on concrete.

Lunarglide 1 vs 3 - Rear View

Lunarglide 1 vs 3 - Rear View

Nike has also added more cuts (flex grooves) on the bottom of the shoe especially on the outer sole so that the LunarGlide can flex really well with your foot. There aren’t as many grooves as in the Nike Free, but that’s not really what the LunarGlide is trying to be either. Another change I noticed was that the heel cap which was made of sturdy material was now downgraded to a heel clip. This was probably done in order to add to the softness and ventilation of the shoe and reduce the weight as well.
Nike Lunarglide 1 vs 3 - Outsole View

Nike Lunarglide 1 vs 3 - Outsole View

  • Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Upper:

After trying on the shoes for my first run I immediately felt that it was an even better fit than the first LunarGlides. The breathable mesh fabric remains pretty much the same as the original but the bonded material (synthetic overlay) now provides added protection at the toe area and crosses over at the mid-foot.

Lunarglide 1 vs 3 - Upper View

Lunarglide 1 vs 3 - Upper View

The tongue is actually attached to the shoe on the sides as well so that everything meshes together and that means fewer seams inside, which in turn reduces irritation. Another thing that you’ll notice, mainly because of its striking colors, is that they replaced the Nike Flywire with a different mid-foot strap/arch-wrap. The key difference is that the new arch-wrap goes under so that it can provide better support around your foot and not just from the sides. On top of this, Nike also added grooves into the sock liner so that it would work well with these new wrap-around straps. That all sounds well and good but in my opinion the material doesn’t look as durable as the Flywire. And it disrupts the overall look of the shoe because it looks like there’s a paper cut-out that’s popping up in the middle of the shoe.

  • Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Opinion:

One of the biggest hurdles in running is that you can actually become overwhelmed with the amount of info you need to in or consider before even starting to run. The LunarGlide eliminates a lot of the research required for finding the right shoe because it caters to a wide range of runners.

Earlier I referred to these shoes as the Jack of all trades but the LunarGlide+ 3 is even better, it’s a master of some! The snug fit is perfect and feels really good on your feet while still providing enough support to facilitate long runs. Some runners might actually have problems with how soft the shoe is.

All in all LunarGlide+ 3 is a really good all-around running shoe and is a significant step-up from its predecessors. It’s a lot softer & springy but still manages to feel even more secure on your foot. I’ve been using these shoes on the treadmill, on the track, on the road and I’ll be running my nest 10K race in these shoes next month as well.

Review by Erwin Ramos

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  • Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Price Comparison:

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