Brooks Ghost 3 Running Shoes Review

Brooks Ghost 3

Brooks Ghost 3

Full Name: Brooks Ghost 3
Category: Cushioning
Weight: 11.1 oz. (315 gr.)
Suggested Price: 100$
Recommended For: Neutral runners in search of a soft ride for everyday training. Runners with high arches.
  • Brooks Ghost 3 General Info:

Brooks running is known for their support/motion control trainers. The Brooks Ghost was born as a go-to, no-nonsense 100$ neutral trainer. Lighter than most neutral trainers, yet comes with a slight weight increase from previous year’s model. The Ghost competes against some of the most successful running shoes: the Nike Pegasus and the Asics Cumulus. Will Brooks be able to go in cushioning where it has gone in stability?

  • Brooks Ghost 3 Sole Unit:

  • The Ghost 3 comes with a completely new sole unit from the previous model. The most noticeable change is the generously decoupled heel, and the overall flex groove configuration.

    Brooks Ghost 3

    As you can see from the picture above, The heel of the Ghost 3 has been split into 5 different cuboid “pods” as opposed to simply the two pods in the previous year’s model. The configuration of the forefoot has been changed, creating three very defined areas.

    By decoupling the heel, the shoe absorbs the impact in the exact area where the foot strikes the ground, allowing a more progressive cushioning and accommodating in this way different kind of gaits. By enhancing the flex grooves the forefoot of the Ghost is more flexible and the feeling is of more responsiveness.

    The sole is composed by a full-length BioMoGo foam, Brooks trade-mark foam material that guarantees the same cushioning and durability of the usual MoGo foam but in a biodegradable, environment friendly new compound.

    Cushioning and shock absorption are ensured by Brooks’ HydroFlow HT units (“bubbles” of a special fluid that compresses with the impact and releases quickly energy back in the opposite direction: up), one in the heel and one in the forefoot.

    A good detail that we really appreciate in a cushioning shoe is the presence of a plasic shank (DRB Accel) that provides torsional right rigidity to the midfoot enhancing support while allowing the heel and forefoot to act independently. These shanks are common ground in stability and motion control shoes (Brooks’ bread and butter) but that are very valuable for the neutral or under pronator that performs long runs.

    • Brooks Ghost 3 Upper:

    The upper of the Ghost 3 is aesthetically very pleasing, but leaves many runners perplex. While the first Ghost was a very minimalistic and lightweight shoe, the Ghost 3 looks more built up and bulky. It feels comfortable and somehow light, with high arches and snug heel/arch feet but with a roomy toebox. The 3 comes in 3 different widths.

    • Brooks Ghost 3 Opinion:

    We think the Brooks Ghost has found in its third incarnation the shoe that it wants to be: a solid and feature-rich 100$ cushioning trainer that can be the go-to everyday trainer for a large number of neutral or underpronator runners.

    It clearly competes at this pricepoint and at this proposition with the Asics Cumulus and the Nike Pegasus. The cushioning in the heel is less bouncy than both the Pegasus and the Cumulus and the forefoot is very responsive. Particular consensus about the runners is that the arch is quite high and the fit is snug. The stability elements are more similar to the Asics rather than the Nike and the weight is slightly lower.

    In conclusion, we understand fans of the previous Ghost shoes might be disappointed in the Ghost 3, because the shoe has changed much since the first version. At the same time we think this shoe finds a new market and a new reason to live. We suggest it to under pronators and neutral runners, as an everyday trainer and for long runs (ie. a marathon trainer) and in particular to runners with high arches.

    Let us know what you think of this shoe in the comments!

    • Brooks Ghost 3 Price Comparison:


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