ADIDAS Launches Natural Running Shoes Collection with Adipure Range

PORTLAND, Ore. (July 16, 2012) – adidas unveils its first natural running shoe collection with the adipure Motion, Gazelle and Adapt. The adipure running range is engineered to promote pure and natural movement to help athletes safely and gradually improve their speed, strength and performance through minimalist running.

“We’re excited to bring the adipure running line to those interested in learning how to run in less shoe,” said Mikal Peveto, director of running for adidas America. “The three-shoe collection provides options for athletes who want just the right balance of protection while allowing the foot to act more naturally.”

Peveto continued,

“With less shoe between the runner and the road, legs and feet experience the subtle changes in the gait cycle and you begin to run on the middle or front of your foot. Reducing the height between the heel and the forefront of the shoe encourages your body to run on the balls of your feet. Athletes can identify the best feel for their feet or choose to start with more support with the adipure Motion and then train down to the most minimal profile with the adipure Adapt.”

The adipure range consists of varying heel gradients to help strengthen the foot’s musculoskeletal system. The adipure Motion (click for review), for beginners with a 11mm drop, is the first step to natural running. The adipure Gazelle, with a 7mm drop, supports intermediate level runners, while the 4.5 ounce adipure Adapt with a 4mm drop is for the advanced natural runner.

TECHFIT across the top of the shoe provides a structured sock-like fit and 360 degrees of flexibility. A stretch mesh and polyurethane pattern, developed through years of research by the adidas Innovation Team and athletic and medical specialists, allows the foot to function naturally while providing support exactly where it’s needed. The pattern’s positioning was created through a stress analysis foot mapping system using 500 sensors on a bare foot that measure where the foot stretches on impact, where it needs the most freedom, and where it requires support.

The adipure Motion, Gazelle and Adapt are available in mid-August for $110, $100 and $90, on and at retailers including, Road Runner Sports, Running Warehouse, Holabird Sports and Rogue Running.

adidas running innovates high performance footwear and apparel with easy to understand benefits to help athletes of every level get faster and better for their sport. For more information visit and

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