What to Expect from the New Asics Kayano 22

The Gel Kayano is the premium stability shoe in the Asics line. It seems just like yesterday we reviewed the 21, but the Kayano is already back with a 22nd version.

For years one of Asics best sellers, it seems this year it faces some tough competition from the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey.

Let’s see what the new Kayano is bringing to the game.

Starting with the midsole, nothing has changed from the previous version. Duomax double density foam, together with a plastic bridge under the arch, provide the stability. The FluidRide midsole material combined with pockets of Asics’ trademark Gel offer the “cloud-like” cushioning familiar to Asics Fan.

The real changes lay in the upper.

The new Kayano features a seamless, one-piece upper with engineered knit mesh is getting in line with the new trends of very lightweight uppers. The heel counter has been reinforced to offer more stability and hopefully a better fit to the heel.

The Kayano has been at the top of Asics best-selling list for many years now, and this changes to the upper better be good, as this year Asics faces a fear competitor for that share of the market (the premium-stability/high cushion segment) in the form of the new Nike Air Odyssey.

We are currently reviewing both shoes and keep reading us for the final showdown!

In the meantime, watch our preview video here below.

[Transcript of the video follows]

Hi. This is Travis, and welcome to RunningShoesGuru.com.

Today we have the ASICS GEL-Kayano 22. The Kayano 22 is designed for runners so you can have premium data trainer, which offers mild to maximum support for over pronation, providing a plush cushion under foot.

The Kayano has been ASICS’ core stability shoe in their line up and this latest version continues with this tradition. Let’s talk about what changed and what stayed the same with the Kayano 22.

The changes to the upper include: A new fluid fit seamless mesh is incorporated, which includes a stretch mesh layer combined with a new engineered mesh layer on top. This new upper allows for increased comfort and enhanced feel as it wraps the entire foot.

A redesigned heel clutch provides increased support and improved heel fit. The heel counter was moved up and extended in an effort to expand support and stability.

The mid-sole and out-sole remain similar to that of the previous models, which is designed to provide the stability the Kayano has become known for. The Kayano continues to feature a fluid ride mid-sole in combination with gel cushioning on the lateral side, in the heel and forefoot, which is to assist with shock absorption throughout the entire ground contact and allow for a smoother ride.

A dynamic dual max support system which is mean to provide control and stability. The out-sole continues to incorporate the ASICS high abrasion rubber, throughout the heel, along with a blown rubber durosponge material in the forefoot, which delivers that smooth and durable cushioning throughout the entire transition, mile after mile. The Guidance Trusstic system increases efficiency and provides strategic integrity throughout the mid-foot during the entire foot strike.

The Kayano 22 comes with a 10mm heel lift toe drop.

The ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 is a premium data trainer for runners who are looking for a reliable stability shoe with plenty of cushioning underfoot for a smooth ride. The Kayano is designed to be able to handle the demands of higher mileage, day after day. The Kayano weighs 10.9oz for men, 8.9oz for women, and retails for $160.

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