Boa Lacing System To Debut On New Running Shoes

Boa Technology to unveil new running shoes under ASICS, New Balance, and Under Armour that's incorporated with their patented system.

Boa Technology just recently announced an expansion to their award-winning fit systems in the footwear market using a new system that’s textile-based and especially made for running shoes.

The company built their latest system from scratch and factored in industry needs, aesthetics, and performance. According to the press release, the newest Boa System is, “made up of a seamlessly integrated dial, lace and guide, allows users to dial in the perfect fit for a more efficient stride, added stability, and increased comfort, and will stay secure mile after mile.”

New Balance FuelCore

Source: Boa Technology

This summer, their latest system will be debuting on running shoes from ASICS and New Balance.

While there are other lace-alternative closure methods (one of which is Puma’s disc system) that debuted on various running shoes, the Boa System is quite unique with their pantented dial-based technology. Just like with the Puma’s, Boa’s dial-based system also uses a rotational closure, however, their functions are very, very different.

The Boa System has an operating dial that’s quite smooth and precisely adjusts tension at 1mm per click. Additionally, the new TX4 lace is made up of a blend of polyester and Dyneema, the world’s strongest fiber, which complements the mechanical system well.

ASICS Gel FujiRado Boa System Details

Source: Boa Technology

This latest release is reportedly stronger and more durable, even through constant tension, friction, and abrasion. Boa Technology designed the system to have a straightforward interface (push dial to engage, twist to tighten, pull to release tension.) On the other hand, the company also made sure that, prior to releasing, their latest Boa System was put to the test in their laboratory and the field, to ensure that their product is built to last and meets the standards of The Boa Guarantee.

“We are excited to bring the new system to the run market with our amazing brand partners. We have reached new capabilities in terms of seamless integration and with our new lace and guides being available in a multitude of colors, we can customize the look in addition to function and performance.”says Chuck Mason, Chief Commercial Officer for Boa Technology.

Check out a couple of running shoes that have the Boa System below

ASICS Gel-FujiRado, $129.99

ASICS FujiRado

Source: Boa Technology

The GEL-FujiRado has been around since June 8th and is a topnotch trail shoe. The Boa System allow microadjustments that lets runners be in control while on the trail. The low friction design also ensures that runners have maximum comfort and reduced pressure points while running. ASICS also included MONO-SOCK to keep debris out and keep the feet steady on the shoe’s platform.

Check the review here!

New Balance Fuel Core Sonic, $109.99

New Balance FuelCore Sonic

Source: Boa Technology

Slated for release on the first day of July 2017, the New Balance Fuel Core Sonic is another amazing release from the athletic giant in partnership with Boa Technology. Using the Boa System, a runner can easily dial in their perfect fit before heading for the road. The FuelCore Sonic also has a sleek-looking bootie-fit upper that lets runners stride efficiently and comfortably.

Check the review here!

Keep your eyes peeled for more releases using the Boa System from New Balance, ASICS, and Under Armour before the year ends.

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