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3 types of Running shoes for 3 types of feet.

 September 16, 2012 19

When it comes to running biomechanics, there are three types of runners (click here to find out what runner type you are).

No matter what brand (be it Asics or Nike or NB), running shoes are divided into three main silos, each one addressing the specific needs of one of the three types of runners.

Runner Type Shoe Type Explanation

Over Pronator

Over Pronator

Motion Control Shoes

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Motion control footwear emphasizes medial support by having dual density midsoles, roll bars or foot bridges. This medial (inside support) support slows the rate of over pronation. An example of a motion control shoe would be the Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12.

Neutral Pronator

Neutral Pronator

Stability shoes

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Stability footwear combines cushioning features and support features into its design. An example would be the Asics GT 2170 running shoe.



Cushioning shoes

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Cushioned footwear emphasizes enhanced shock dispersion in its midsole and/or outsole design. Many shoe companies add materials to the heel and forefoot areas to enhance the cushioning properties of the shoe i.e. air, gel, hydro flow etc. An example of a cushioned running shoe would be the Nike Pegasus.

These kind of shoes differ from each other for a whole series of characteristics, the most important of which reside in the midsole of the shoe.

Check out our articles on the anatomy of a running shoe – we will explain you how different shoes help you run !



  • I strike midfoot. Do I have to take into consideration the type of pronation?

  • If you strike midfoot you are already putting a lot of stress off your ankles/knees – therefore you won’t need either a lot of heel cushioning or extremely stable shoes.

    At the same time, you should always look after your pronation (ie when you start running very long distances). You could try and use shoes designed for midfoot/forefoot strike such as the Newtons or the right cushioned or supportive shoe, withouth having to go for an extreme in either direction.

  • Hi, I am a neutral runner and when I started running 9months ago i did it slowly and bought the right shoes for a neutral runner, but I still developed problems the minute i upped my milage from 10 miles to 12 miles and finally got Morton’s Neuroma in my right foot. How do I prevent this re-occuring as I missed two races this year and I am gutted after all the training that I put in…? I have got orthotics from New Zealand to help develop my flat feet.

  • Hey,

    The heel on the lateral aspect of my shoe wears away quickly, what type of shoe do you recommend?

  • Running shoes and turf shoes recommendations for my daughter who is playing Division One lacrosse. She suffers from flat thin narrow feet, achilles tendonitids, and plantar facitis. Been through all doctors and trainers and currently suffering from knee pain. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    • First, I would sugguest talking with medical professionals, like a podiatrist or a othopedic surgeon. The medical advice is important factor when considering shoes and their functionality. Next, I would consider the idea of some research on your part. With the information you have gathered by research, and medical professional advice, you can make a better informed choice.

  • I am a heel striker the Wave Rider is best for me right?

    • Last year my girlfriend had shoes that were to narorw. After a month of wearing them she ended up with a bruised bone in her foot. The shoe was squeezing the bones near her toes together and cause the damage. These were not running shoes just everyday shoes. It took about 3 months to heal. I would suggest getting the size and shape you need. Be Well!!

  • This video says if i have a foot pattern such as the top one (over pronator) than i need stability shoes, where as you say i need motion control shoes, which one’s correct?

    (check out 02:13)

    I’ve also read somewhere else that overpronate = stability shoes.


    • Motion Control is an extreme style of stability. Basically MC are shoes that take all the aspects of stability and combine them to make a VERY stable shoe. I hope this helps clarifying things !

  • I have almost normal ( a little high ) arch. According to the info I should be the underpronator. But I feel like I am over pronator.

    I would really appreciate ( I beg for it ) if you can take a look and suggest me a shoe from one or many major brands.

    Video taken on Vomero 7.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Volkan – I think you are neutral, it’s not a bad running gait you have there, at all! How did the Vomero feel?

      • Thanks for your time Ruggero,

        I sometimes feel like I am overpronating on them and some minor pain on my heels after long runs ( even I run on mid-foot ).

        I need to buy a new pair of shoes and still could not decide which one should I. :)

        Any comments or suggestion on that ?


        • What about the Nike Lunarglide 4? If the fit of the Vomero is ok and you want a touch more stability, the LG4 could be a good choice. Let me know what you end up buying !

          • I’ll tyr LG’s and let you know for sure :)

            Thanks for your help…

  • All my shoes wear out at the heel on the outside/outer end of the sole. When ever I run I get an excruciating pain in the arch of my foot.
    I request your help with determining if I am an under/over pronator and which shoe would be good for me to run.
    I am 6 feet tall & weigh 100 kgs (pretty overweight) & would like to start running to keep healthy
    Thank you & warm regards

  • I have an old knee injury that has changed my gate. I know have one flat foot (my non-injured side) and one high arch (my injured side). The outside of my foot on the injured side aches after running. Any advice?

  • Ive been wearing the asics gel kayano for years. I loved the shoe and couldnt think of wearing anything else. However, I feel like the shoes stability has changed, even the cushioning is different? Maybe its me I took some time off but something just doesnt feel the same. Is there another shoe you would suggest

  • thanks for the information. it really helped me a lot.

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