Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 Review

The Structure 13, 14 and 15 were my favorite shoes. Then the 16 and 17 ruined it for me. Read on to find out what i think of the new Nike Structure


Bionic Boots

Since he was a teenager, Keahi Seymour has admired the incredible speeds of the Ostrich and other land-dwelling two-legged creatures. With ostriches able to reach top speeds of up to 45 mph, Seymour was determined to unlock the secret to their quickness


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Welcome to the Running Shoes Guru community, runner ! A message should be in your inbox shortly with your Marathon Training Plan ready for download! You have joined more than 24,000 other runners who like unbiased, independent and honest advice about running shoes, gear and training. We are runners like you and want to help


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Hi, and thank you for your interest in Running Shoes Guru’s Run Lean, Run Strong. We are working hard to finish writing this book and once we are done you’ll be the first one to know. Leave a comment here below if you have any suggestions on how we could make the book better for [&hellip


Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 GIVEAWAY !

Welcome to the first of a new series of Running Shoes Guru GIVEAWAYS! This week we want to kick off the new series in style and offer a brand new pair of Nike Air Zoom Structure 18, worth $


Best Running Shoes of 2014: Stability

Time this week to look at our favorite stability shoes for this year. I have been wearing primarily stability running shoes forever. What I liked about the minimalist trend was that it has forced all companies to re-think stability shoes. Many brands understood that some time “less is more” and nowadays


Best Running Shoes of 2014: Cushioning

After the minimalist trend of the past few years, cushioning is back in full swing! In the past few months we have run in slightly over 50 running shoes. The majority of them were indeed in the cushioning category. What we observed is that: Brands are developing new foam compounds New brands are challenging the [&hellip


Asics Super J 33 Review

The Asics Super J33 is a very lightweight, 6mm drop running shoe . With a seamless upper construction, firm cushioning and the "fluid axis" construction is a solid choice for the overpronator who wants to explore lighter, faster shoes


Slick Bib – When You Are Tired of Safety Pins

The Slick Bib is a fashionable running top that is equipped with a transparent and well ventilated pocket integrated on the front which allows the runner to easily and quickly slide the race number in and out


More than just a training plan, I hope to take you through the various stages of marathon preparation holistically: discussing such topics of interest as marathon nutrition, race-day preparation, maintaining a positive mental outlook, and more. First, we will look at the best ways to assess your current fitness to determine

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