Updated: September 24th, 2021
Best Running Gear to Achieve Your Running Training Goal.

A runners gear symbolizes Discipline. Discipline is a vital requirement for any athlete, But what actually is Discipline? (and how will you know if you are disciplined or not?) Many Runners lack the knowledge of what it means to be disciplined.

Well, the first thing that symbolizes discipline in a runner is your outfit, believe it or not.
Gear directly impacts and strengthened a runner’s attitude; inspiration, motivation, comfort levels and performance.

Gear demands change depending on the weather, and plays an important role facilitating your comfort in training. So really, lightweight gear is key for runners, (and layering them up throughout the winter) such items include:

  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Shorts
  • Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Coats

running mn and woman


The clue is in the name of the site here, you can find reviews of every running shoe you can think of, so have a look at the reviews of 2021 here before you spend
However, when rummaging through the reviews, consider checking the following things:

  • Comfort. Before you buy your running shoes, make sure you try them out. Take a walk or jog around and feel if you feel comfortable in them. In case you find them uncomfortable, it means that it will also affect your performance negatively.
  • Fit. Do the shoes fit you? You should at least have a little space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Ensure that your heel doesn’t slip when you are jogging; neither should your foot spill over the edges of the shoe.
  • Ride. The midsole foams and shape can create more or less stable rides. Try and concentrate if you feel wobbly or unsteady.

Also, consider the following:

  • Where you are planning to run and the kind of terrain you will possibly face.
  • Comfort in terms of underfoot cushioning.
  • You need to understand whether you need a type of shoe that will provide support for your gait.
  • Make sure that yourshoe fit is correct.
  • How long do you expect the shoe to last?

throwing a sport shoe
And according to my research, these are the top 5 shoes that is worthy to consider

  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
  • Adidas Supernova
  • Reebook for men
  • New Balance Fresh Foam X Beacon v3 Nike Men’s Air
  • Zoom Pegasus

    So, you’re off out for a run, consider these factors when selecting your outfit:

    • Temperature
    • Weather
    • Terrain
    • Distance to be covered

    For an effective, comfortable time during your runs, shorts is often preferred with a shirt sleeve length to your preference (I’m a long sleeve-r myself). Although, keeping a tank-top, tights/leggings, and a lightweight jacket (windproof and breathable) on hand – you can’t go far wrong. Oh and some socks!

    How about running during the winter season? Well, layering those thinner layers is highly recommended.
    Put on at least two layers to keep yourself warm.
    Use of clothing made from cotton as the base layer is not advised since cotton will absorb all the sweat in your body; keeping you drenched and rather cold, Coolmax polyester wicks away sweat and is a perfect option for a base layer through the winter months.
    snow run

    Key tips for your running gear

    • Avoid Pure Cotton (in winter)
      Cotton gets wet and retains its wetness, making you feel uncomfortable in both warmer and cold seasons. Your skin might also experience a chafe on your skin.
      Wearing cotton socks makes you get blisters.
      Fabrics such as DryFit, Thinsulate, Thermax, and CoolMax are recommended.
    • Avoid heavy layers (in winter)
      Runners often get tempted to put on heavy; layers during the cold Winter. However, putting on a thick layer will overheat your body and make you sweat excessively and even get chilled upon taking it off.
    • Avoid Thick Running Socks during Summer
      You will end up with swollen feet when you put on thick running socks. Your toes will rub up against the front of your shoes and put you at risk of attracting black toenails.
    • Never Wear Worn out Running Shoes
      Its actually advised to change your running shoes every 500 miles as old or rather worn-out shoes will put you at risk of getting injuries.
      This is because after time, your shoes will lose shock absorption, cushioning, and stability, increasing the stress and impact on your legs and joints, especially for road-runners and the high impact from the solid terrain.
    • Do not Wear Anything New on Race Day
      If you take anything away from this article today, please let it be this! It is never a good idea to experiment with something new on the day of your event. Despite the temptations, new clothing should only be tried during training days.

    Personal recommendations on gear

    • To carry your phone. I can say without doubt that the Free train vest is imperative to carry your phone with. It clips a flap to your chest making checking your time, distance, change your music. Hands free, lightweight, extra pockets for your housekey, and breatheable; perfect for summer.
    • Socks. The best socks to wear are the Wrightsock Anti-Blister Double Layer Running II Lo Quarter.
      These socks are two-layered and will keep you comfortable and immune from blisters.
    • Tights. Pearl Izumi Infinity Running Tight is the best tight recommended. They are warm and can be used in any season since they breathe well.

    So, how disciplined are you? What do you wear when you run?

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