Running Arm Swing: Your Secret Weapon

Learn to use your arms as a powerful running cue point as you get fatigued or have to run up hill! Many runners don't know how to use their arms. Now you do


Learning To Run Gently

We take a look at what it takes to run gently. There are three simple cues you can use to improve your running technique and run with less impact on your joints


Pronation Appreciation: Myth Busting For Runners

Little makes my blood boil more that standing in a running store listening to a conversation that starts like this: “Well, you see sir, you pronate. So you need to buy…” We All Pronate. Get Over It! For many years the running community seems to have become fixated on one fundamental movement pattern, pronation of


Top Five Habits To Develop For Efficient Running Form

There are lots of motivational running quotes buzzing around the internet, we’ve all seen them on Facebook and Twitter. One of my favourite quotes goes something like this: “Excellence is not an act, but a habit“. This concept is what I want to focus on with this post. How can your running form be


How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Some runners feel pain along the arch, some directly under the heel bone, but the diagnosis is typically the same dreaded two words: plantar fasciitis


How to Run Your First Marathon

You have trained hard, carbo-loaded, tapered well, and now all you have to do is run the race. However, this can be a more daunting dilemma than most people expect


3 Main Causes of Hip Pain in Runners

Painful hip injuries can quickly bring your training to a halt. Once you’re injured, you have to spend time going through the recovery process. When you eventually get back to training, you have to face performance declines and work hard just to return to your previous capabilities. Hip injuries are not fun to have.


How to Find a (Good) Running Coach

If an individual wishes to hire a professional coach, where are some places to look? What are some reasonable qualities to expect from a professional coach and how much would it cost for private coaching?


Running for Weight Loss

Running is a great way to lose weight - but many start off with the wrong foot and can't burn fat by running. This is an extensive guide to help you lose weight while running


Want to Be a World Class Sprinter? Get a Good Coach

During an Olympic year, there is always added interest in the athletic events, particularly those in the Track and Field category. There were many outstanding performances at this year’s Summer Olympics in London and among the most memorable were the gold medal performances by Jamaica’s Usain Bolt in the Men’s 100


Many endurance runners will often forgo spending time with strength training for one reason or another. But for overall fitness, particularly during the offseason, there are many benefits that can be gained for most any endurance runner, whether it’s for a 5K race or a marathon

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