Brooks Neuro Review

The Neuro is a revolutionary new entry from Brooks into the lightweight trainer/racer category. The shoe brings an exciting new concept into running shoe design and offers a distinctly unique running experience.

The Neuro’s surprisingly stable, fast, and adaptable design will make it an awesome new addition to the


Pearl Izumi Road N0 v2 Review

The Pearl Izumi Emotion Road N0 v2 follows and improves upon the first edition’s fit and feel. With its low profile stance and smooth fast transition the shoe will surely please the faster race minded runner.


Brooks PureGrit 4 Review

The PureGrit 4 continues to carry on the simple, comfortable, and nimble lineage of the Pure project line. The PureGrit 4 is a super all-purpose trail shoe in that it can handle a wide variety of terrain and at just about any speed.


Skechers GoRun Ultra Road Review

Nicely cushioned maximal road shoe for a very reasonable price. These are a great buy for runners that have never tried a maximal shoe and are looking to explore.


Pearl Izumi EM ROAD M3 Review

The Emotion M3 is a nicely cushioned high mileage shoe. Upgrades to the shoe have improved fit, durability, and overall ride of the shoe. The well thought out stability is unobtrusive and effective making the shoe a great choice for daily training and long runs.


Asics 33 DFA Review

The 33-DFA is a wonderfully fluid and natural transitioning shoe. The lower stack height definitely presents the runner with a nice ground feel that is similar to a minimalist shoe. A snappy quick transition would make the shoe a great choice for faster paced runs or even racing.


Asics 33 FA Review

Looking past the size difference the 33-FA is a great versatile daily trainer. The FA has a unique soft, flexible, and yet resilient platform. The shoes natural fit and 4mm drop lend it to faster speeds making a it good up-tempo or race day shoe.


Brooks PureFlow 4 Review

The Pureflow 4 continues to follow in the footsteps of the pure series. The shoe remains the softest shoe in the Pure Project collection and is a great dual purpose shoe for the neutral runner offering responsiveness for speed work and comfort for daily training.


Pearl Izumi E Motion Road N2 Review

The Emotion Road N2 is a decent option for neutral runners looking for a simple attractive high mileage trainer. Updates to the upper have helped to reduce bulk and give the shoe a more streamlined appearance and resolved fit issues.The outsole has taken on some changes however the overall firmness of the shoe remains unchanged


Brooks PureGrit 3 Review

The PureGrit 3 is an awesome shoe for runners looking to do some serious miles on the trails, but not in a huge midsoled, monster lugged traditional shoe. The PureGrit 3 is simple, comfortable, and capable of carrying runners fast over any trail.


Asics Cumulus 16 Review

The Cumulus returns with a 16th version that is not only lighter, but has a few improvements that have enhanced the shoes already well cushioned and smooth ride. A great neutral shoe for the high mileage runner.


North Face Ultra Trail Review

The comfort and midsole protection of the Ultra Trail coupled with its smooth roll make it a great shoe for longer runs or races. The fact that it’s light and has such great traction also help make it enjoyable for short treks as well.


New Balance Minimus 10 Review

The Minimums 10 GT is a favorable shoe that can serve most anyone in a variety of fitness goals. The GT is ideal on wet and snowy roads or trails keeping feet warm and dry while providing good traction from a minimal platform.


Saucony Guide 7 Review

Saucony has taken a lot of time and care to develop the Guide 7, and it very apparent. The Saucony Guide 7 offers great forefoot comfort, super durability, and lasting comfort in a great daily supportive running shoe.


Mizuno Wave Hitogami Review

The Hitogami is a great race day choice for a wide variety of runners. Mizuno has done a great job of taking the strongest attributes of two great racing shoes and creating a single racing shoe that previous wearers are sure to love.


Brooks PureFlow 3 Review

Sporting its newest upgrades the PureFlow 3 has become a sleeker and better fitting shoe. It remains the softest shoe in the Pure Project collection and a great long run shoe or daily trainer. The PureFlow 3 has a nice clean transition that easily promotes natural running form.

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